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ArturoFuente Short Story Box

Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro Review

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Great smoke. You just can't go wrong with Arturo Fuente Short Story. This is a stick that I keep in the humidor at all times.

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The Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro Perfecto is the perfect smoke when you’re short on time but still want a quality stick.

What can you say about the Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro that probably hasn’t been said before? It is hands down my favorite perfecto for an after work smoke where I don’t have a lot of time but I don’t want to sacrifice full flavor.  This is also a great smoke when you’re round of golf is going a little long and you don’t want to light up a big stick. Although, I think the Short Story is a bit much for an on course smoke, it comes in nice to have one in the bag just in case.  I really prefer this stick for outback drinking a little Gentleman Jack or cooking steaks on the grill.

The flavor of the Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro is full and complex all the way to the end. It really does need to be savored.  It’s not a mellow smoke in any sense of the term; starting and ending strong with a bit of a spicy finish.  The general listing for the Short Story is that it’s a mid-full flavor but I find it to be closer to the full flavor end of the spectrum. That’s a bit of a personal opinion and everyones pallet is different.  I like a good solid smoke with lots of flavor and the Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro certainly satisfies that requirement.


Arturo Fuente Short Story CigarsIf I had to ding the Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro in any way it would be in consistency of construction. There was a mild deduction for some surface blemishes in the wrapper on about a third of the box. Some of which caused an issue in burn, but most did not. The draw of the Short Story is like a stovepipe and we never experienced any sort of tight draw on any of them. The burn was consistent from stogie number one to number twenty five.

The Arturo Fuente Short Story Maduro will run you about $140.00 for a box of 25 which equals $5.60 a stick. If there were any complaint to lob at the Short Story it’s the price.  It’s not cost prohibitive to purchase, but it would be great if these were a bit more economical. I would rather have a cardboard box with a cheaper price than the solid spanish cedar box with dovetail joinery. Don’t get me wrong, I love the presentation. It just screams quality and class. But I don’t smoke the box.

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