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Aveo Golf Clothing

Aveo Golf Big and Tall Clothing

Big and Tall Clothing means something different to most all clothing manufactures. For Aveo Golf Clothing it meant starting from scratch.

Typically the big box store brands are regular sized shirts that have either had material added to the length, maybe, if you’re lucky, a little more added to the belly. Couple this with the standard Big and Tall pants and you have all the makings of a very stylish toga. AVEO golf has taken a very marked approach to Big and Tall, starting from scratch, giving the big man on the course all the room and style he needs to look good and feel good.

Aveo Golf Apparel sent us a short sleeved polo shirt as well as a pair of pants. I may have the Aveo Golf Clothing one pleat pantsbig part covered, but no one has ever confused me with being tall. So, this review fell to Cole, my cameraman/advisor/co-tester/sometimes conscience, sometimes instigator, always friend to test. At 6’4″/ 230, Cole is the definition of Big and Tall. Cole could lose or gain thirty pounds and I’m not sure you could really tell the difference. A big man with a big swing, he has always complained about golf clothing, or clothing in general, not quite fitting properly. He always struggles to keep shirt tails tucked in and pants at the waist. My personal mantra on the course is if you can’t be good, look good. I think Aveo Golf has come up with a design that allows the Big and Tall man to do just that.

Over the course of three months, Cole wore the pants and the shirt on the course, around town and to work. For him to say he is impressed with the fit and function of clothing is really saying something. For Cole to even notice is impressive in itself. During multiple rounds of golf the shirt never stained and never got that weird smell some of the cheaper polyester lines can get. All of the action took place in the summer in South Carolina, so a pants and shirt combination that can keep you at least comfortable and not look like a wet sack at the end of the round is impressive.

All the magic is in the design. The folks at Aveo golf clothing

aveo-golf-red_shirtstarted from the ground up putting material in all the right places and tailoring it to fit the distinct body type most big men can appreciate. Even for a tall skinny person design has to take into account proportions, not just add a longer torso to a standard shirt. The shirt and pants we received were lightweight and you could tell had been designed with a focus on quality, fit and function. Cole’s constant comment was, “I can’t believe how well this stuff fits”. During testing we take field notes. It doesn’t matter what the product is, we write everything down as we use it so as to capture exactly how feel about something. Other wise things get a little glossed over when you go to write the final review. Field notes are rarely for public consumption, but in this case I couldn’t think of a better way to sum up Aveo’s performance and style any better.

  • Style looks good, I have worn them to meetings and field visits as well as playing golf and they look great…
  • The cut of the pants and shirt allow for extra room in certain areas without looking baggie or slouchy
  • The shirt is cut to fit the larger frame, and is long enough to tuck in without a worry of pulling out.
  • The arms are cut to allow larger arms but you don’t have the problem of the web look in the underarm area.
  • Moisture wicking works great, even if you do get sweaty while playing it does not loose shape or show sweaty areas.

I have to admit, when we were asked to provide the review for Big and Tall clothing, both Cole and I were more than skeptical. The clothing Cole has tested proved itself to be designed to fit in all the right places, have an eye for performance, and look good on and off the course.


About Cole Harrison

Clemson Alumni in Civil Engineering. My golf game makes engineering look easy.

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