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Callaway Hex Chrome Golf Ball

Callaway Hex Chrome Review

The Callaway Hex Chrome just can’t be beat in this price category….

I decided to try the Callaway Hex Chrome after picking up a box of full priced premium golf balls. I had gotten lucky over the last several months in being able to find the premium or “pro” balls on some sort of sale. When it came time to refill I just couldn’t bring myself to spend fifty-five bucks on something I didn’t know if I might have for one hole or one round or a month.  My friends have always accused me of being overly frugal when it comes to my golf game and in this case I have to agree with them.  I just hate spending money on golf balls.  The only thing I hate worse is having a ball bounce off a green or feel like a hickory nut off the club face. So, there has to be a middle ground right?  The Callaway Hex Chrome is that golf ball.  I found it to be far superior to any of the second tier golf balls out there. Side spin off the driver is excellent, soft off the wedge and not “clicky” off the putter. For the sub-110 mph swing speed and for a few bucks more than the middle shelf balls, you will really enjoy the Callaway Hex Chrome.

I found the side spin on the Hex Chrome to be severely dampened. The side spin seemed to be less than the Hex Black Tour but more than the Bridgestone e6, which lends itself to working the ball much easier. While I am a fan of the e6, and will always defer to it as the leader in side spin control without losing distance I have always found it to be a little firm around the greens.  The Callaway Hex Chrome on the other hand will fly pretty straight off the driver even on less than perfect swings like mine. Driver distance was comparable to a premium ball the best I could tell.  I compared this ball against the Hex Black Tour, the Pro V1x along with the Srixon Q-star, and with my low swing speed and less than consistent swing, I could tell very little difference in distance. I have a driver Callaway Hex Chromeswing speed of around 102 mph with a slightly outside in swing path if I’m swinging too hard; which is my more common driver fault.  With all that being said, when I hit it in, or even close to, the sweet spot, I could really feel the ball compress off the face.

The feel around the green was perfect. The Hex Chrome really responded well off of the wedge allowing it check when necessary and get a smooth roll out on chips.  When close in, it really felt like a $4.50 ball and I would put this ball against anything out there around the greens.  Once on the greens it felt great off the putter without any sort of negative feed back.

The Callaway Hex Chrome is as durable a ball as you will play.  I use the Callaway Forged Chrome wedges which can shred the cover off of most any ball but the Hex Chrome took the abuse and came back for more.  With moderate care this ball should last until you get tired of it. When we were testing I was able to get about two rounds out of one before it was just too ugly to play with any more.

While I don’t play a premium ball for every round, I found I was going to the Callaway Hex Chrome when I felt like the round was slipping away from me and I needed that little something extra.  The Hex Chrome really inspired confidence in the shot, whether off the driver or wedge, I just felt like I was playing a ball that would give me the best performance.  If I happened to lose it then the pain wasn’t as bad as one of the pro balls, and the performance for my sub 110 mph swing was perfect.

I have always been an advocate of playing a ball that fits your/my skill level.  I believe Bridgestone really started the trend of making it ok to not play what the pro’s are playing on any given week.  The fact is most of us don’t have the control or swing speed necessary to manage a tour ball. I think Callaway really got it right with the Hex Chrome.

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