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CAO Flathead V554 Cigar Review

As a second introduction to CAO, the Flathead V554 Camshaft did not fail to impress. My first cigar from CAO was the Brazilia GOL! which I absolutely loved. The CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft Cigar was even better.

The flavor of the Flathead Camshaft was smooth and creamy from start to finish.

For me, the predominant flavor was of a nutty-coffee with a short caramelized brown sugar follow up. Weird description, I know, but wow was this thing good. Never bitter or peppery, just smooth and flavorful all the way to the end. I will say, the CAO Flathead V554 is not my favorite golf smoke. It’s just too good to be on the course. This is a cigar that should be enjoyed and savored; I dare you to pair this with a ten year old Bourbon whose name ends in Creek, you’ll thank me for it later. The Flathead, to me, is best enjoyed after the course when you’re hanging around the clubhouse or condo giving a good ration of smack talk to your buddies.

CAO Flathead 554 Camshaft Cigar is one of the most solidly built cigars I’ve smoked.

I mean it; this box pressed maduro wrapped goodie is solidly constructed. A great feel in the hand, the V554 is dense without being hard to draw.  Each smoke had a nice even burn you could leave unattended for a few minutes at a time without worrying about it burning up too fast. Every one in the box was built exactly the same. Easy to stay lit, easy to draw, and not one had a blemish or fell apart with a very consistent flavor. While there were different minor variations in flavor, the overall flavor profile for the series was very consistent throughout the whole box. Each stick was a prolific smoker from the first light ’till it burnt your finger tips.

For what you are getting, the CAO Flathead V554 Camshaft Cigar is very solidly priced.

You can routinely pick these up for around $7 a stick. The price drops significantly when you buy the box of 24. I think I picked up my last box for around $120 even. While not a big cigar, it packs loads of flavor and is just so enjoyable. As I start to branch out with my cigar selections I run into some families of cigars I like, and some I don’t. I have to say, the CAO brand has delivered two smokes that have become staples in my humidor.

CAO Flathead V554 Cigar CoverStrength: Full
Shape: Robusto
Size: 5 1/2 x 54
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper : Connecticut Maduro Broadleaf


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