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Swing Oil Golf Supplement Review

swing oil

On the course, Swing Oil used to mean bourbon and water. Now it has more to do with flexibility, recovery and focus. I’ve had plenty of bourbon on the course which made me pretty darn flexible; focus and recovery was a slippery slope after the front nine though. To say I …

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Golf Swing Right Now Video Review

The Golf Swing Right Now is a nifty tempo trainer aimed at those of us stuck in the office or who just can’t make it to the range to work on our swing. Our official written review can be found here. The primary purpose of the Golf Swing Right Now is …

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Golf Swing Right Now

Golf Swing Right Now PAckaging Front

If you have ever watched a baseball player warm up with a weight at the end of the bat, the Golf Swing Right Now training tool is close to the same concept. They take it a step further and put the weight on a flexible shaft to help give you …

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Dead Zero Putting Disk

Dead Zero Featured

I spend a fair amount of time on the road and in the home office. If I’m not in a hotel or in the office, I’m usually driving. None of these environments lend itself to practicing the money part of golf; putting. With the Dead Zero Putting Disk, I’m able …

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Cure CX2 Classic Series Putter

Cure CX2 Featured II

Cure CX2 Putters gives the masses what they wanted. A more traditional head style with loads of MOI and adjustability. A few years ago I went in for a putter fitting at my local golf shop. The fitter is fairly well known around Charleston and the low country as being …

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Miura CB 57 Review-Southern Golf Review

Miura CB 57 Irons Featured

I have spent the better part of three months with the Miura CB 57 irons. In that time, I played twelve or fourteen rounds with maybe five or six practice/review sessions. I then spent a month trying to write the review. For something that should have been the easiest review …

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Garmin Approach S5 Review

approach S5 featured

The Garmin Approach S5 is a feature packed, easy to use, tournament ready GPS Watch. If you’ve read our Garmin Approach S6 Review then the Garmin Approach S5 review is going to be a bit redundant. Both are excellent choices but only one can be used in tournament play, the Garmin …

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Garmin Approach S6 GPS Watch Review

Garmin Approach S6 Green

I’ll be the first to admit, I love a gadget. Make an electronic gadget for golf and I’m sold. I can’t help it. I think it has something to do with my generation. I use my iPhone for almost everything in my digital life; email, text, surfing, managing my websites, …

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Cork Tree Putter Grip Review

Cork is starting to make a real presence among golfers for it’s water resistant properties, feel and the fact it just looks good. The folks at Cork Tree Putter Grips have taken the cork putter grip and married it to a polyurethane or EVA core to give a truly unique …

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2015 Wilson Staff Duo and Duo Spin Golf Ball Review

Wilson Duo and Duo Spin

Our prediction is the new Wilson Staff Duo and Duo Spin Golf Balls will be a huge success this year. You heard it here first folks.  If I had to sum up this review in one sentence it would be this: Go buy the Wilson Staff Duo and Duo Spin …

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