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Cure CX2 Classic Series Putter

Cure CX2 Featured II

Cure CX2 Putters gives the masses what they wanted. A more traditional head style with loads of MOI and adjustability. A few years ago I went in for a putter fitting at my local golf shop. The fitter is fairly well known around Charleston and the low country as being …

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Miura CB 57 Review-Southern Golf Review

Miura CB 57 Irons Featured

I have spent the better part of three months with the Miura CB 57 irons. In that time, I played twelve or fourteen rounds with maybe five or six practice/review sessions. I then spent a month trying to write the review. For something that should have been the easiest review …

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Cobra Bio Cell Plus Driver Review

BIO CELL Plus Driver Bottom

For the better player, the Cobra Bio Cell Plus Driver is a win-win; Looks and Performance. With our previous reviews of the Cobra products this year, it’s no surprise the Cobra Bio Cell Plus Driver performed at the highest level.  While not a particularly low spin driver, it is extremely …

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cobra bio cell plus fairway

cobra bio cell plus fairway Bottom

The Cobra Bio Cell Plus Fairway wood is the most under-rated club of 2014…bar none. Cobra was nice enough to send me the Cobra Bio Cell Plus Fairway and the Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid this year to review. The hybrid is a very nice, versatile club with top of the …

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Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid

Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid Bottom

The adjustability of the Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid makes it probably one of the most versatile clubs in my bag to date. As a golfer who is long iron challenged, I generally keep two hybrids in the bag. A 3h and a 4h. I’ve always felt a bit silly carrying …

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Powerbilt Air Force One Review-Southern Golf Review

Powerbilt Air Force One Driver

The Powerbilt Air Force One DFX is the real deal in current model drivers. The PowerBilt Air Force One DFX driver proves long and forgiving are not always mutually exclusive. With some really great shaft options, top notch customer support and a long history in the game, there just isn’t anything …

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Bridgestone True Balance Putter Review

Bridgestone True Balance Putter Cover 1

The new Bridgestone True Balance Putter is the next logical step in putter design combining materials,weight distribution, and head design to give you the best chance at making the putt. The new Bridgestone line of putters is available in two variants, the True Balance and the Steel. The Steel model …

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Miura Wedge Review

Miura Wedge sole and bounce

Reviewing the Miura Wedge was more like a lesson than a review… I am a pretty decent wedge player.  More often than not I rely on my wedge to pull me through a bad hole or capitalize on a good one.  When I received my Miura Wedge I found out …

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Bridgestone J40 Irons Review

Bridgestone J40 Irons

The Bridgestone J40 irons are the most complete set of clubs I’ve personally hit. Accuracy, feel, looks….The J40 irons are a total package. For this review we used the dual pocket cavity over the single cavity versions. Mainly because my game isn’t quite good enough to do the single cavity …

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Odyssey Metal X Putter Review

Odyssey Metal X Putter

The Odyssey Metal X Putter is the best feeling, most consistent putter I have ever used… On my recent visit to Golfsmith in Columbia South Carolina for fitting for a set of irons, I wanted to get a putter fitting as well, ( see my Golfsmith fitting review here). Using …

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