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Golf Balls

2015 Wilson Staff Duo and Duo Spin Golf Ball Review

Wilson Duo and Duo Spin

Our prediction is the new Wilson Staff Duo and Duo Spin Golf Balls will be a huge success this year. You heard it here first folks.  If I had to sum up this review in one sentence it would be this: Go buy the Wilson Staff Duo and Duo Spin …

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Srixon Z Star SL Review

Srixon Z Star SL Golf Ball Box

The Srixon Z Star SL is designed for the higher swingspeed but not quite pro-speed golfer who wants greenside control and sidespin control.  As a mid-handicapper with a moderate driver swing speed of a little above one hundred miles per hour, I was curious as to how Srixon was going …

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Callaway Hex Chrome Review

Callaway Hex Chrome Golf Ball

The Callaway Hex Chrome just can’t be beat in this price category…. I decided to try the Callaway Hex Chrome after picking up a box of full priced premium golf balls. I had gotten lucky over the last several months in being able to find the premium or “pro” balls …

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Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball Review

Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball

The Srixon Q-Star golf ball is one of the best middle tier golf balls you can play. You owe it to yourself to give the Q-Star a chance. Great distance with exceptional side spin control without penalizing you too bad on feel and wedge play. At half the price of …

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Callaway Diablo Golf Balls

For a good time at less than $5 a sleeve, call The Diablo   On a trip to the store a few weeks back I spotted the Callaway Diablo golf balls for less than $20 a dozen. As a Callaway fan it was hard to pass up. I am always …

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Review of Calloway Hex Black Tour

When Ernie won the British Open, Callaway cut us all a deal on the Hex Black Tour.  They reduced the price to a manageable $27.00 dollars, down from the standard $45.00 dollars.  After playing three rounds with them, I sure wish Mr. Els would win more often.   Callaway markets …

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