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Cure CX2 Featured II

Cure CX2 Classic Series Putter

Cure CX2 Putters gives the masses what they wanted. A more traditional head style with loads of MOI and adjustability.

A few years ago I went in for a putter fitting at my local golf shop. The fitter is fairly well known around Charleston and the low Cure CX2 Classic Series Odyssey Comparisoncountry as being one of the best in the business. I’m fairly sure he fit Noah and Moses for their first set of clubs. At the end of the fitting he suggests a couple of head styles and sums it up with, ” get the heaviest putter head you can find”. At the time I was so new to golf I didn’t really understand and to be honest I kind of laughed it off. My thinking was you don’t see tour professionals with big putters and chunks of lead glued to the putter head. Fast forward to today,  there are currently multiple Champions Tour professionals gaming the Cure CX2, not because they are paid to do so, but because they make more putts with it.

You can not get around the fact the Cure CX2 is bigger than a typical putter head. You also can’t get around the fact that no matter who’s hand I put the CX2 in, they putted better within one round of golf. If you look at the comparison photo to the left, that is my old Odyssey putter in front of the Cure CX2. If you are a golf purist, maybe the look is off-putting, if you just want your scores lower, maybe the looks ain’t so bad. The CX2 is targeted at getting Cure’s game improving, high MOI putter into the hands of golfers who want a more traditional looking head over their RX series and who may not need the full range of weight adjustability the RX series offers. The RX Series is not going away, they are just adding the CX series to add more breadth to their lineup. If you are not familiar with the RX series, you should go find one. I think it’s one of the best putter options for the high handicapper out there.

One thing you can be assured of with the Cure CX2 putter, you will get the ball to the hole. I often struggle with leaving putts a few inches short of the hole. Then, on the very next hole, I’ll run it by the hole about four feet. What I found with the Cure Cx2, once I got used to the mass, I consistently put the ball about six or eight inches beyond the hole. Unless it was some sort of circus putt with a big hill in front of the hole, I have found it very easy to put a consistent stroke on the ball and get the distance I want. You could say I’ve regained a great deal of the feel or intuitiveness of putting, just by getting more weight at the putter head.

When you first pick up the Cure CX2, you immediately recognize the mass..

over the standard. It’s unmistakable. The first round of Cure CX2 Classic Series Weightstesting, Bert referred to it as the “nine pound hammer”, and I have to admit, it took me a solid two rounds to get completely used to the weight. Once I finished the first round, I went to the practice green and started removing and re-adding weight until I got where I could consistently get the ball past the hole. The folks at Cure have installed a very easy to use system of stainless steel hex screws in the back part of the putter head. This gets you a fine tuning type of adjustment going from the base weight of
342 grams to a maximum of 384 grams. You don’t see the weights at all from the upright position, they are completely hidden inside the putter head. This is somewhat of a departure from the RX series where the weights are plainly visible when looking down on the putter. The use of non-removable tungsten weights hidden in  heel and toe of the club is one of the real innovations of this club. By adding the non discretionary weight just in the heel and toe and leaving the center free, they have all but eliminated head twist on off-center strikes. Which, for you aCure CX2 Classic Series Tungsten Weightnd I, means you may still miss the putt, but you won’t be nearly as far off as with a standard head. In the most simple of terms, this is what a high MOI putter, or any other club gains you. It minimizes twist around the center axis. Take that concept and add to it the thin face between two much larger masses, and you get a spring like effect, further improving performance on center strikes. What this equates to is making more putts on the first attempt, misses being closer to the hole, and missed putts actually having a chance to get in the hole instead of stopping short.

What I found to be the most exciting about the Cure CX2 was how effortless my putting stroke has become.

With every round I’ve played and every putting green session, my putting got better and better. You can never remove the nerves or “human element” from putting. It’s why it’s in the game. I’ve gagged over three foot putts more times than I can count, both for money and not. The Cure CX2 helps remove the most common faults due to nerves which is leaving the putt short.  The Cure CX2 allows me to take a much more controlled, shorter backswing and just let the putter head do the work. I found I was able to get out of my own way. With such a short back swing, there seems to be much less introduction of errors in swing path. It also allowed me to feel as though I am sending the club face square to the hole. With all the weight at the bottom of the shaft, you get that pendulum feeling much more readily over a standard 340-350 gram putter. As wet as it’s been in South Carolina, I am currently playing the Cure CX2 at 370 grams. I may adjust it to a little less when the greens start speeding up.

There are a lot of manufactures jumping on the bandwagon for the heavy putter with adjustability.

Cure CX2 Classic Series Top DownThey are simply taking old club making methodology and finding novel ways of either counterbalancing or simply adding discretionary weight to the head. What I am encouraged by with Cure, is they threw out conventional putter design by not  starting with an existing platform to try and add an adjustable weight system. They started with a whole new platform, the RX series. Once they had that system where they wanted, they moved to making a more conventional head. What Cure has done that no one else seems to be, is directly addressing the cause of most missed putts by the amateur golfer, head twist and leaving putts short. Both the CX and RX series have most of the mass of the club out at the heal and toe with a thin, center aligned face. The Classic Series makes no apologies about being a game improvement putter it just presents itself in a more conventional package. It’s sole purpose is for you to make more putts. I am currently gaming the RX3 putter, which seems to work a little better for me but I can use the Cure CX2 putter almost interchangeably. Bert on the other hand, who is admittedly a better putter than myself, instantly fell in love with CX2. He had the largest increase in putts made from greater than 10 feet than any of us. I’ve had to take it out of his bag more than once just to complete this review.

The Cure CX2 putter is well worth giving a try. The size isn’t so big as to be a distraction and the head design is so close to a conventional head you really won’t notice the size difference from your old putter. What you will notice is how much better you putt with it over your old putter. I’m not saying it’s instant, or at least it wasn’t for me. I initially sent putts flying past the hole with a longer return putt than what I started with. Once I got used to it, I was making more putts and my errors weren’t nearly as penalizing. In my case, the Cure CX putter allowed me to focus so much more on my stroke it has made me a more deliberate putter. It hasn’t stopped me from dying over a three footer with twenty bucks on the line, but you can’t expect but so much from engineering and manufacturing. Cure has done their part, I guess the rest is up to me. Maybe I should try yoga or meditation or something.


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