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Dead Zero Putting Disk

I spend a fair amount of time on the road and in the home office. If I’m not in a hotel or in the office, I’m usually driving. None of these environments lend itself to practicing the money part of golf; putting. With the Dead Zero Putting Disk, I’m able to work on my putting stroke in doors whenever I want. It sure beats putting balls into those little paper cups in the Hampton.

Dead Zero Putting Disk removes the excuses for not practicing your putting.

I get it. It’s hard to find the time to practice putting. A glass turned on it’s side doesn’t quite give the feedback you need to figure out why you missed or how far off you were. The folks at Dead Zero have come up with a pretty innovative, travel friendly training tool to make practicing putting as easy as it gets.  I love products like this. It’s simple, it’s not expensive, it’s travel friendly and it makes sense. The Dead Zero Putting Disk is definitely one of those products that makes you say, ” I wish I had come up with that”.

Dead Zero in HoleThe general idea is the disk is about half to a third the size of a golf hole. The old adage, “aim small, miss small” is the basic idea. A standard golf hole is about four and half inches in diameter, the Dead Zero Putting Disk is about two and an eighth inches. If your putt hits anywhere on the disc, you made the putt; miss the disc, you probably lipped out or just missed. If you hammer a putt and the disc slides backwards, you would probably have run past the hole. This has been a great tool for me on long conference calls in the office. I’m not kidding. If you call me and we’re on the phone more than a few minutes, odds are I’m putting to the Dead Zero Putting Disk. When I’m on the road my golf clubs are on the road. The Dead Zero comes with a nifty little felt travel bag which stays in my golf bag. When I check into the motel and I’ve finished all my work I will usually spend fifteen or twenty minutes putting around the room. You would be surprised at how bored you can get in a motel room, but with this I’ll make a little game out if it. Three balls, equidistant from the disk; putt the three, then move back or around to another angle. Do this until you miss, at which point, you have to start at the original position. On more than one occasion I have actually dropped the Dead Zero Putting Disk on the lawn at the Hampton Inn and chipped to it using three balls and the same principle above. I can’t help it, I’m like a five year old and have to be entertained. (You will have to pardon the condition of the hole in the picture. I took it at our local goat field, which is a tried and true coarse that’s not under water like a lot of the courses around here right now. Don’t look too harshly at your local Muni or nine hole course. If you don’t support them they will go away. They afford folks like us the opportunity to practice with no pressure or to try things we wouldn’t normally get to at the normal course. They are also a great place to start someone off in the game and take the time to teach them how to act on the course as well as play the game.)

Dead Zero Front ComparisonThe Dead Zero is an in-expensive way to stay sharp on the money part of the game. It removes all the excuses from not practicing.  One added benefit, if you get frustrated in the office and need to take a break, throw down the Dead Zero; make a few putts. You would be amazed at how quickly your attitude will change and how much better you will feel. You will also be amazed at how this translates to the green when the game isn’t going so well and you start making putts with confidence. Not just because you’ve been practicing more from the eight to ten foot range, but practicing when your aggravated or stressed. Again, “aim small, miss small”, and “practice with a purpose”; words to live by when it come to golf.

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