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Eyebobs All Day Readers

Eyebobs All Day Readers

Eyebobs Designer Reading Glasses and All Day Readers were a great little surprise to be able to review this year.

It’s a bit difficult to come to terms with the fact you need readers. My first hint at reality was when I couldn’t extend the score card far enough way to read that teeny tiny writing they use for the yardages. Then I look kind of dumb zooming in and out trying to find the perfect distance away from my face to read the different text sizes on the card. Throw in the cost of adding no line, no glare, reader lenses to your favorite sunglasses and you are in for a real shock. The last price for my Costa Del Mars’ was over $600.00. Enter Eyebobs for less than $80.00 and it’s a no brainer.
eyebobs turbulence glasses front

The Eyebob Turbulence All Day Readers tuned out to be a real help on and off the course.

For my purposes, the frame size of the Turbulence were a bit small. My only complaint was the reading lens was a bit high for me. After looking at them on my face, I realized they were a bit small. The Eyebobs website has dimensions listed very plainly for every pair of sunglasses in a neat little info-graph. For whatever reason, I neglected to check the measurements against my existing sunglasses.

My wife has now taken full ownership of the Turbulance sunglasses and is completely thrilled to have them. She spends quite a bit of time with an iPad or a book, or a book on iPad outside. The no line lenses offer 100% UV protection along with a graduated lens to go from no magnification, to reading magnification at the bottom with a mid level for computer monitors and tablets. Eyebobs lists the lenses as being distortion free between the reader portion and the rest of the lens. For me, I could detect a little bit of transition, while my wife says it’s only noticeable to her when she is driving. Again, I think this is probably the lenses not fitting my face at the exact right spot. Even with the fit not being perfect for me, I played at least three rounds of golf with them. It was incredible to be able to see the scorecard, read the GPS, and look at my phone without having to swap eye glasses around. I typically wear polarized on the course but didn’t really seem to miss it after a few holes. The lenses are plenty dark enough to protect from glare while not being so dark as to feel like you’re in a cave.

Eybobs Turbulence sunglasses are classic aviator style shades all the way.  The hinges are spring loaded to make sure they can take abuse without breaking.  Overall construction feels solid with no week spots. They Eyebobs Turbulence came with a great, low profile hard case perfect for slipping into the top pocket of my bag. If you forgot your glasses in the case while it rolled around your bag you wouldn’t have to worry about them being damaged. Believe me, because that’s what I did. No damage to either the case or the glasses.

It would be hard to find something bad to say about the Eyebobs Turbulence sunglasses. They do what they say and they look fabulous. Check out their website where they have hundreds of styles and colors to choose; from regular readers to sunglasses. You can choose from a 1.0 to 3.5 magnification including specific prescription needs. Eyebobs glasses are available through Amazon, Zappos, or through the Eybobs website. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

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