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Golf Swing Right Now

If you have ever watched a baseball player warm up with a weight at the end of the bat, the Golf Swing Right Now training tool is close to the same concept. They take it a step further and put the weight on a flexible shaft to help give you the feel of lag in the swing. I can tell you as a person who spends a fair amount of time in a hotel room and the office, the Golf Swing Right Now is a Godsend for maintaining your timing and form when you can’t get out to the range.

At about the length of your standard putter, the Golf Swing Right Now can travel anywhere and be swung anywhere.

Just like withe the Dead Zero Putting Disk, if you talk to me on the phone and I’m not putting I’m usually swinging the Golf Swing Right Now. I hate a conference call and both of those products help me get through them. God bless the person who came up with the bluetooth headset. The head of the Golf Swing Right Now is designed to be of an average weight for an iron while the flexibility in the shaft is aimed at giving you that feeling of lag in the swing. You will find while swinging the Golf Swing Right Now if you get way out in front of the swing the head feels like it’s going to whack you in the back of your skull. If you get real handsy in the swing, the  head feels like it passes your hands in the downswing. I personally have a tendency to unload the shaft early on the downswing, and I can tell you the Golf Swing Right Now has helped quite a bit in getting me to hold on to the angle in the wrists. Another of my main swing ailments is over swinging or just swinging too hard. I have no problem swinging a golf club like I’m chopping wood. What I’ve noticed after a couple months of using the Golf Swing Right Now is I’ve started to work my way out of over swinging. I’m not saying I’m cured, but I can say I’ve noticed a difference out on the course. It’s not the force at which you swing the club that is the primary culprit. Logically, you should be able to physically swing as hard as you possibly can with no ill outcome on the ball flight. If all of the golf swing was in the arms this might would hold true. The truth is, as Steve Dresser says, golf is played from the ground up. Simply put, for our purposes, there are a lot of inputs into the swing that affect getting the club face back to square in an expeditious manner. When you over swing as I do, everything gets out of rhythm and the swing gets all herky jerky. The Golf Swing Right Now will let you know when you’re out of rhythm. It feels awful and the feeling is immediate.

Golf Swing Right Now has quite a few improvements and additions to their lineup in the works. Namely, they are adding more grip choices which is my only real knock on the whole club. It’s not bad, it’s not terrible, it’s just kind of there. I will be re-gripping mine this weekend with the same Golf Pride grip I have on my clubs. I had toyed with the idea of installing a grip trainer and may do so later just for grins. I’ve never used a grip trainer and thought it would be a good combination tool while I’m practicing in the office.

The primary purpose of the Golf Swing Right Now is a timing improver which it does very well. As I have been told by some friends of mine, 15 minutes a day of swinging a club will go a long way in keeping your timing intact when you can’t get a full range session in. Well, if you’re like me, stuck in the office or hotel, 15 minutes is hard to come by and using a standard golf club in the parking lot won’t give the feedback the Golf Swing Right Now is capable of. As a swing timing trainer what differentiates the Golf Swing Right Now from others is the portability. You can pick one up online at


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