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Miura CB 57 Review-Southern Golf Review

I have spent the better part of three months with the Miura CB 57 irons.

In that time, I played twelve or fourteen rounds with maybe five or six practice/review sessions. I then spent a month trying to write the review. For something that should have been the easiest review to write, I found it to be very difficult. So difficult I actually wrote it four times, until giving up and writing what you have here.  The reason for the difficulty is primarily due to the way we have become trained by the big advertising agencies and their bosses, the big club and equipment makers to believe everything that comes out every single year is “great”, “fabulous”, or my favorite, “game changing”.  We have become so bombarded with slick salesmanship and lowered standards when a true Miura CB 57 PW

“The Better Golfer Will Find Me”……Katsuhiro Miura.

gem comes along we are left with a lack of things to say and that’s not fair. It’s not fair to the individuals who spend the time to research and develop a truly remarkable piece of golf engineering. It’s not fair to the minds behind a club that is stunning to look at. But worst of all, it’s not fair to the family who’s patriarch has spent a lifetime building a reputation of unyielding quality and performance,that as far as I can see, has yet to be equalled. I had hoped to write this long winded, data laden review to try and convey to you how great the Miura CB 57 irons are. I wanted so desperately to show you how great they are by providing these great charts with distances and comparisons. What I found when I wrote those reviews was it read like too many other club reviews and didn’t convey the two things that truly make the Miura CB 57 irons so special, and that was heart and soul. When a club company cares more for the precision of their build, the quality of the materials, and the craftsmanship involved in making each and every club than they do for having the latest “it” club, there is a lot of heart and soul involved. When the president of the company personally polishes a certain number of clubs each year; when the two sons of the president have direct responsibility over quality and production and answer only to the president; there is a lot of heart and soul in the clubs. I have never felt more connected to the game than I have with these clubs.

I played in a charity tournament with recently graduated ACC college golfer who was hoping to get into the tour. The first thing he noticed were my Miura CB 57 irons. The first words he spoke to me where, “Are they worth the money”, and pointed at my irons. I’m from the south, we say “hi”, and “how’s your momma” and can talk about our family’s for fifteen minutes just in the introduction. This guy wasn’t interested in any of that. All he wanted to know was, “are they as good as they say”? My immediate answer was,  ” their the best clubs I’ve ever hit and they’re probably better than you’ve heard”.

I think the best way to start the actual review section is at the beginning, by that I mean the fitting. I was scheduled to get fitted by the great Chip Usher of Chip and Putt Golf in Savannah Ga. Chip is a legend on the web for being the premier club fitter and maker in the South. People from all over the world either send their measurements and requirements to him to have clubs made or they go in person. When you get through reading this review, do a Google search for Chip Usher, and take a look at what comes up. There are hundreds of forum posts where he has helped people with their equipment questions or needs. He is still referenced today in hundreds more posts. The guy is just phenomenal, both as a person and fitter. He’s a real no-nonsense kinda guy who has such a concise fitting process it will blow your mind. For a fitter who has been in the business for as long as he has and who has given so much to the online golfing community, he has no hint of ego or arrogance. Just a class act all the way around. Anyway, Chip took up about an hour with me talking about Miura and getting fit. As I already knew my swing speed and had all of my measurements, all he had to do was verify and move on. The hour was mostly taken up with me asking questions and just listening to him talk about club making in general. The actual fitting probably wouldn’t have taken thirty minutes if I hadn’t been running my mouth. I can’t tell you the significant gains to be made in your game by getting fit. Add to that being fit by the right person is just as essential.

Chip ordered my club heads and fitted them to my Aerotech SteelFiber Shafts. I have to admit, putting SteeFiber Shafts in a set Miura CB 57 SteelFiber Shaftof Miura CB57 irons should be considered cheating or at the very least unfair. We will have a full review on the Aerotech SteelFiber shafts shortly, but suffice it to say they are awesome. You can see our interview with Aerotechs’ president, Chris Hilleary from the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show here One of the questions from Chip Usher was, what type of swing feel do you want. I can honestly say I had never been asked that before. With all the clubs we hit each year I had a good idea of what I like and don’t like. For me, I like to feel the club head a little during the swing. I’m not sure if I was transitioning from an off the rack cast set I would really know that. I think it’s worth tinkering around a bit with different shaft/head combinations to get to know what you like and Chip can certainly help you with that. The SteelFiber shafts definitely have a different feel and I think are a large part in having that “connected feel” to the club head during the swing. But, like I said, there will be a full review on them shortly. 

I opted for the standard Miura grips which in all honesty, aren’t my favorite. I knew this going into it and had my option for any grip of my choice, but I wanted to see how these felt.  The grips aren’t so bad I just don’t like the way they feel. They are however, a very tacky grip. I think you would have to be playing in a monsoon to get them slip. The just have a squishy, gel kind of feel that doesn’t appeal to me. The gel does have the benefit of not being hard on the hands though like my Golf Prides. Speaking of Golf Pride, in the near future I will be adding the new MCC +4 grips for a review, do be on the lookout for those.

The feel off the face of the Miura CB 57 is unmistakable bliss…

I think if you’re a true golfer at heart, maybe not the golfer you want to be, but a true golfer, these clubs will be like gold to you. I’ve hit a ton of manufactures forged irons and there are some who’s feel is fabulous. But nothing feels like the Miura CB 57. It’s incredibly difficult to describe the feel not only from the sweet spot which you would expect to be pure, but from the heel and toe. When you flush a shot, the ball doesn’t disappear into the club and the feel retreat away. You know exactly where the ball is, and on the the center shot, it’s almost indescribably pure. I’ve never wanted to watch the club hit the ball more than with these clubs, the reward for the flush shot is so sweet. On the off center shot, there is just the most gentle of reminders you missed. It’s not Miura CB 57 4 Iron Soleharsh, in fact, it’s not even punishing in it’s ball flight results. Think of your grandfather, sweetly showing you where you hit it on the club face and then sending you on your way to go hit another one and telling you to do better next time. The forgiveness of the Cb 57’s is baffling. I can’t tell you how they were able to take somewhat standard steel common to the industry, forge it into this package and make it this forgiving.

I found the clubs to be consistent in distance to other forged players irons I’ve played so I neither lost or gained yardage. My seven iron is about 150 to 155 yards and the yardage spread is consistent throughout the set. Not to hit a point too hard but the prevailing mantra from the club makers has been longer is better. I agree for a driver or three wood, maybe my five wood, but really I don’t care so much what the distance is as long it’s consistent. With the Miura CB 57’s the distance is the same throughout the set. If I hit a seven iron 150 yards, I’m going to hit my eight iron 140. You can count on it like Christmas.

                               #3    #4     #5       #6       #7       #8      #9      PW
Weight (grams) 243    250   257    264     271      278     286    295
Loft (degrees)     22      24     27       30       34       38        42      47
Lie (degrees)     59.0   59.5  60.0   60.5    61.0    61.5     62.0   62.5

I play most every weekend with a group of guys who are close to the same skill level as myself with a couple being somewhat better. One of the guys in my group plays an off the rack set of cast clubs and loves them. He is completely intimidated by the size and shape of the head on the Miura CB 57. They just look too small and too aggressive for him compared to his normal playing

Miura CB 57 Top Lineirons. My thought was, if I could get him to play a round or two with them he would be so impressed he wouldn’t be able to give them up. The fact was, he just couldn’t get it out of his head and consequently didn’t perform well with them. He’s actually a much more consistent ball striker than I am and could probably benefit the most from the forgiveness and accuracy they provide. But, as with most things in golf, it’s the space between our ears that gets in the way most of the time. For the golf purist, the top line and sole of the Miura CB 57 is pure controlled aggression. Not quite the razor of the MB 001 but not very far from it. The cavity back can’t be seen from the top line when you’re over the ball so it just looks like “go time” every time. With just the most minimal of offsets, the confidence these clubs impart is extraordinary. These clubs represent the marriage of performance and looks that can only be gained from full control of the forging process with exacting precision and attention to detail. Understated looks that is all class and performance.

I hope this review wasn’t too long, but I don’t believe I could adequately tell you how good these clubs are in a short review. I take you back to the third paragraph, ” their the best clubs I’ve ever hit and they’re probably better than you’ve heard”. If it’s true, then it’s not hype. There are forged irons and then there are elite forged irons for which there are only a handful of producers. For the services they provide they get a premium price. When considering the Miura CB 57 irons price is definitely an item of discussion. Right up until you hit them. After that single act, you won’t think about price anymore. I’ve seen the CB 57’s go for as much as $260.00 per club which is roughly double what you would pay for a new release cast set off the rack. While I agree this represents a significant investment in your golf game, when you consider this could well be your last set of irons, the price per round goes down rapidly. I encourage you to contact Chip Usher and talk to him about a fitting and get his input on the Miura lineup. He won’t steer you wrong.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps in your opinion of Miura and the CB 57 irons. We will be doing a video review soon and will post it here on the website as well as our YouTube Channel. I’m also thinking about doing a strictly technical review looking at the design and manufacturing process that goes into the Miura CB 57 so be on the lookout for that as well.

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