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Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime

Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime II Golf Instruction DVD

Lessons of a Lifetime II is like getting a series of lessons from your much more talented neighbor…

When you watch the Tom Watson Lessons of a lifetime  videos you are immediately engaged with the authority and passion Mr. Watson brings to teaching golf. Watching his videos is like getting a personal lesson from every teacher or pro he ever knew plus his fifty years of experience. Each lesson flows from him just as effortlessly as breathing or walking. You never get the feeling it’s scripted or over produced; it’s like the producer gave Mr. Watson a wedge and asked, “How do I hit this?” and off he goes with a lesson.  In my line of work I’ve watched a lot of golf instruction videos either from DVD, or from Youtube, and none of them have the confidence and, again, authority, that Mr. Watson delivers with Lessons of a Lifetime II. When he’s giving a lesson it’s all business; no nonsense, where he has blocked out all the garbage and boiled it down to just what you need to know while giving it to you in the kindest, easiest manner possible. He’s not interested in trying to convince you how good he is or how much of a star he is, he’s just interested in delivering the best possible golf lesson for your success. And, I believe he has done just that.  Tom Watson has been known for years as a gentleman of the game, as a friend to all the greats, and humble in his approach to fans. All of that is evident as he goes through each lesson. At the end of it all, you feel like he made those videos just for you, and he’s talking only to you.

The original Lessons of a Lifetime begins with a lesson on terminology, assuming you know next to nothing about golf. It then progresses from the grip through lessons of a lifetime shoot 19the full swing, then through just about every conceivable shot variation imaginable.  There are two discs which are about an hour and twenty minutes each give or take a few minutes.

It took me three hours to go through the first video and even longer on the second.  Starting from the grip I saw things I needed to improve on and as I went through each successive lesson I kept finding small and large holes in my game.  Mr. Watson has such a gift for teaching the game that it’s all just matter of fact.
Each lesson is anywhere from five to ten minutes long keeping you engaged while breaking down each part of the swing into bite sized chunks that are clearly defined. In my experience, I was able to take these little chunks to the course with me and remember them as I was practicing or during play. If you think of each lesson as a definition, for instance  “what is a slice and how do I do it”, Mr. Watson breaks it down into three pieces which are very easy to understand and implement. If you are on the tee box and you slice a drive into someones living room, you now have the tools to analyze the swing mechanics that cause that and can now implement changes to decrease it’s effect or eliminate it. Now, take that same concept and apply it on all parts of the game, full swing, driver, irons, putting and chipping.

In the newly released Lessons of a Lifetime II, Mr. Watson goes into further detail for the most challenging parts of the game. Mainly the things we screw up the most and are typically the most inconsistent such as the 40 yard wedge shot, putting from distance, chipping from the fringe. The first half of the DVD is relegated to recapping and going a little deeper into pre-shot routines, through to trajectory on chip shots. The second half of the  additional instruction focuses on putting and putting drills. One of the areas I believe all amateurs have the least amount of information on and highest amount of misconeptions is putting. Mr. Watson takes the time to explain the cause and effect of every type of shot taking into account stance, wind, break, distance, and pressure. All in all I believe the Lessons of a Lifetime follow up DVD was a great adder to an already phenomenal series of lessons. The same care was taken to break down each lesson into memorable bite size lessons you could take to the practice area or the course with you to increase consistency in play.

If we are serious about the game and have a true passion for it we would all like to get better.  The only way to get better is through practice and instruction. I don’t have a problem with practice but what if I am practicing incorrectly? Am I reinforcing bad habits  and bad form? While I don’t believe there is a substitute to having a Pro or coach stand there and give correction during a session, I believe it is possible to prepare yourself by any means necessary to be coached. Tom Watsons’ Lessons of a Lifetime II DVD series is the tool by which one can ultimately prepare themselves to take their game to the next level. The series addresses every part of the swing and most parts of the game in such a way as to make it accessible to all handicap levels and memorable for ready use on the course and practice range.  If you are a high handicapper this video series, with proper practice and application, has the ability to drastically correct your game, If you are a mid-handicapper, such as myself, again with proper practice and application, I think this series can be doubly effective. It can help you address the fundamentals you probably missed by being self taught, as well as prepare you for more advanced, in person instruction by giving you a thorough understanding of the cause and effects of sloppy swing mechanics. Therefore, when a coach or Pro is giving personal instruction you can immediately understand and apply thereby getting maximum effectiveness out of your practice.

Finally, I wanted to include some marketing statistics lifted from the Tom Watson website, it is linked below. I found these statistics fascinating as they show what I already believe, Lessons of a Lifetime II has the ability to positively affect your game better than any other video series on the market today. I am a huge fan of Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way and have used it as a reference for years. Mr. Watsons’ series is the next logical step in an up to date, much more broken down fundamental series from Mr. Nicklaus, with much more in depth explanations of all parts of the game.

Survey Respondents with a 30+ handicap:

Overall Rating of Program:
Excellent: 75%
Good: 25%
Fair: 0%
Poor: 0%

Did This Program Improve Your Game?
Yes: 100%
No: 0%

Is This the Best Instructional Program You’ve Ever Watched?
Yes: 75%
No: 25%

Survey Respondents with a 10 to 19 handicap:

Overall Rating of Program:
Excellent: 87%
Good: 13%
Fair: 0%
Poor: 0%

Did This Program Improve Your Game?
Yes: 96%
No: 4%

Is This the Best Instructional Program You’ve Ever Watched?
Yes: 83%
No: 17%

I doubt very seriously there are very many products out there that can compete with these high ratings.

If you get the chance to pick up a copy of the DVD’s I would love to hear your feedback so drop us a line below.





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